• April 25, 2023

Hot Trans Pornstars

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Trans pornstars are a hot genre of adult content featuring performers whose chosen gender is different to their birth gender. These stars can range from FTM and MTF to CIS gendered men and women in straight, bi and gay scenes.

As the genre has grown, so has the selection of TS pornstars to choose from. With so many sexy and sensual TS stars to choose from, it can be difficult to know who to watch first.

Natalie Mars

Natalie Mars is one of the most popular TS pornstars around, thanks to her cute freckles and green eyes. Despite being a relatively new player in the adult industry, she has amassed an impressive fan base in no time at all.

Known for her enticing live chat scenes, she has become a fan-favorite within the realms of TS and has been featured in a wide range of top-notch titles. Some of her most memorable performances have come in the form of her captivating sex scenes for Tranny Vice, Devil’s Film and Dana Vespoli’s TransSensual feature releases such as TS Forbidden Love (2017) and TS Bad Girls 2 (2017).

As a trans performer, Mars is able to offer her audience something they won’t get anywhere else in the world of TS. She is able to explore her kinks and submissive side on camera, despite being often pigeonholed into a traditional trans-porn “formula.”

Emma Rose

Emma Rose is a popular trans pornstar who has a huge fan following on social media. She shoots racy scenes for a variety of adult entertainment websites, including Brazzers, Evil Angel and Grooby.

She also appears in a number of porn films and has been featured on TikTok and Instagram as well. She has more than 175,000 followers on both platforms and is known for her sexy shots.

According to her Twitter account, she underwent gender affirmation surgery at the age of 21. After the procedure, she said she flushed her testicles down the toilet ‘like a goldfish’.

She is a talented artist who has worked in various adult movies. She also moonlights as a po*n star and content creator. She is also an entrepreneur. She is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Venus Lux

Venus Lux is a talented pornstar, model and director who has won several awards and has been named “Transsexual Performer of the Year” at the 2015 and 2016 AVN Awards. She continues to receive notable nominations at the AVN, XBIZ and Transgender Erotica Awards and has launched her own production company, Venus Lux Entertainment.

She has a background in Chinese and Mongolian descent and is based in San Francisco, California. She began her porn career in 2012 and has appeared in more than thirty videos for Kink, Evil Angel, SMC, Grooby, Rodnievision, Devil’s Film and Bob’s Tgirls.

Her movies cover a wide range of niches including bareback, kink, foot play and role playing. She is totally bisexual and happy to have sex with guys, gender girls and other transsexuals.

Autumn Rain

Having migrated from the traditional southern states to the techie hotspot of Los Angeles, California, TS Autumn Rain has had a good run. She has starred in the latest and greatest in a plethora of genres, from the sexiest to the naughtiest and from one video to the next. She has a few favs on her oeuvre. It is no wonder she is one of the most sought after performers in the biz. She has a knack for the blingy and is an all around show stopper in the bedroom. Probably the most enduring and rewarding experience is her relationship with her partner in crime, Jax. They have been a fixture in the LA scene since their inception, but the bond has not always been smooth sailing.